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Just Electric, an Indian company, converts petrol vehicles to electric, offering eco-friendly, cost-effective retrofitting solutions.

At Just Electric, we specialize in transforming petrol-powered vehicles into efficient electric ones through advanced retrofitting. Our extensive product range includes electric cycle kits, hub motor kits, and electric bike kits, all designed to be cost-effective and eco-friendly. Our kits are not only affordable and low-maintenance but also significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to a greener planet. Embrace sustainable transportation with our innovative solutions that make both economic and environmental sense.

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Interfusing past, present, and future with Retrofittings

Transform your old bike into an eco-friendly, economical electric bike with our advanced retrofit kits. Enjoy a pure EV experience at affordable prices, reduce carbon emissions, and avoid costly fuel trips. Our battery-operated, rechargeable kits, powered by long-lasting electric motors, provide sustainable and cost-effective transportation solutions.
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Increase your saving with every mile you travel . Let those miles turn into smiles

Maximize smiles with our ROI calculator for retrofitting projects. Enjoy competitive rates without compromising quality. Trust us for efficient retrofits tailored to your needs. Calculate ROI and let your satisfaction be our odometer.
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Make no compromise on Speed or Range

Experience unparalleled performance with our cutting-edge technology and advanced installation procedures. Our retrofittings exceed expectations, offering impressive speed and best-in-class range. Choose from a range of options tailored to your needs and lead the change with 10x more fuel efficiency.
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Retrofeel with Nouveau Tech

Revive your beloved old bike with retrofittings, preserving its vintage charm while upgrading its performance. Give your classic ride a new lease on life with a modern heart.
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Feel electrifying with the confidence of Hybridized mileage

Race ahead confidently with hybrid power, seamlessly switch from battery to fuel, leaving range anxiety behind. Drive fearlessly!
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Backed by added Assurance and Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our standard 1-year warranty on retrofitting kits and battery packs. Elevate your riding experience today.
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Our Installation Centers

Experience the eco-friendly revolution by converting your petrol 2 wheeler and Cycles to electric with our top-notch electric cycle kits, scooter conversion kits, and bike conversion kits.

Experience the eco-friendly revolution by converting your petrol 2 wheeler and Cycles to electric with our top-notch electric cycle kits, scooter conversion kits, and bike conversion kits.

AAt (Automatic)

Experience the ease of Automatic Automotive Transformation (AAT) – no more gear shifting in busy streets or traffic jams. Simply flick your wrist and dash ahead confidently. Enjoy the adventure of shifter-free thrust and acceleration, perfect for city commutes. With AAT, navigating urban roads becomes effortless, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience. Say goodbye to gear changes and embrace seamless driving with AAT.
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HAT (Hybrid)

Experience Hybrid Automotive Transformation (HAT), where both combustion engine and electric motor are at your command. Easily switch to fuel with a simple button flip when the battery runs low. With HAT, insecurities about charge levels won't hinder your plans – whether charged or not, you'll remain unstoppable. Embrace seamless performance and unlimited possibilities with HAT.
bike conversion kit electric

MAT (Mid Drive)

Discover the revolutionary Mid Drive Automotive Transformation (MAT) – a modification that boosts your bike's torque and speed, unlocking high-performance capabilities. With MAT, customize torque and speed to suit your preferences, transforming your vehicle into a dynamic, high-performance machine. Experience the freedom of enhanced performance on the road with MAT, redefining your riding experience like never before.
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