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Just Electric is an Indian Company that specializes in transforming Petrol Vehicles to Electric Vehicles.

We're a retrofitting kit manufacturer based out of India. Retrofication is the process of replacing petrol engines and its accompanying components with an electric motor to transform your fuel driven vehicles to all new electric vehicles. We offer a wide range of products including electric cycle kits, hub motor kits, and electrical kits for bikes. Not only the price and maintenance cost of the kits are pocket friendly, but they are environment friendly too. 0% Carbon dioxide emissions help reduce the air pollution and make Earth a better place to live in.

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Interfusing past, present, and future with Retrofittings

Witness the transformation of your old bike into an eco-friendly, economical electric bike with our state of the art retrofit; designed to deliver that pure ev experience at affordable prices. Reduce your carbon emissions and your expensive trips to fuelling stations with our battery-operated rechargeable kits, powered by long lasting electric motor.
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Increase your saving with every mile you travel . Let those miles turn into smiles

Calculate your ROIs on retrofittings by using our ROI calculator and let those readings on your odometer be the count of your smiles. Enjoy retrofitting at the most competitive rates without making any compromise to the quality.
e bike kit with battery

Make no compromise on Speed or Range

With our cutting edge technology and advanced installation procedure, our retrofittings deliver above expectations. Zoom through your streets at impressive speed along with best-in-class range by choosing from a series of retrofits that suits your daily run. Lead the change with 10 times more fuel efficiency.
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Retrofeel with Nouveau Tech

We know you love your old bike! Retrofittings gives you a chance to retain those retro looks of your favorite college bike while giving it a new life. The same vintage avatar with an all new heart.
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Feel electrifying with the confidence of Hybridized mileage

Leave the fear of running low-on-charge behind and race ahead with the hybrid confidence by simply switching from battery to fuel.
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Backed by added Assurance and Warranty

Standard 1 year warranty on the retrofitting kit and battery pack is just another way to make your riding experience enjoyable.
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Our Installation Centers

Experience the eco-friendly revolution by converting your petrol 2 wheeler and Cycles to electric with our top-notch electric cycle kits, scooter conversion kits, and bike conversion kits.

Experience the eco-friendly revolution by converting your petrol 2 wheeler and Cycles to electric with our top-notch electric cycle kits, scooter conversion kits, and bike conversion kits.

AAt (Automatic)

Automatic Automotive Transformation (AAT) saves you from the trouble of shifting gears in a bustling street and bumper to bumper traffic. Dash ahead in confidence with just the flick of your wrist. Automatic transformation offers a sheer adventure of shifter-free thrust and acceleration, ideal for city commute.
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HAT (Hybrid)

Hybrid Automotive Transformation (HAT) leaves both your combustion engine and electric motor at your command. Low on battery? Switching to fuel is as easy as a flip of a button. Don’t let insecurities deter your planning; charge or no charge, you’ll be unstoppable.
bike conversion kit electric

MAT (Mid Drive)

Mid drive Automotive Transformation (MAT) a revolutionary modification that enhances bike's torque and speed to unleash high-performance capabilities. With MAT, you have the freedom to customize the torque and speed according to your needs, transforming your vehicle into a spunky, high-performance machine.
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