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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the range of the bike/scooter on a single charge?

It depends on the power of the battery fitted along with the kit. For example, with a 1200 W battery, the vehicle’s range will be around 40-50 Kms. With a 2000 W battery, its range will be around 80-90 Kms.

How much time does it take to fully charge the battery of the EV?

We provide a 6A battery charger with the kit. For a 1200 W battery it takes around 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery from 0 to 100%. However this time can be further reduced by purchasing a higher Amperage battery charger.

Is it safe to use the retrofitted vehicle during rain?

Motor used in the kit is water and dustproof. Hence, it is completely safe to use the vehicle during rain.

What will be the top speed of the converted EV?

~50 - 60 Kmph

What is the load capacity?

It can easily pull up to 250 kg.

What will be maintenance charges after the retrofitment?

This kit has only one moving part which is the motor and there are almost zero chances of wear and tear. So it does not require maintenance but it is recommended that the wiring is checked after every 2000 kms. The user manual provided with the kit has all the information regarding the maintenance which can be easily performed at home.

What if the battery of my electric vehicle dies in the middle of transit?

There’s a battery indicator which accurately displays the percentage of the battery remaining. However, if still the battery gets discharged you can easily switch on the petrol mode and reach your destination(In case of Hybrid models only).

Where can I charge the battery of my EV?

Charging the battery of your electric vehicle is as simple as charging your mobile phone. Just plug the battery charger in the socket and relax. The battery charger comes with the auto cut off and hence when the battery is fully charged, it automatically cuts off the power, prevents the battery damage and saves the electricity consumption too.

How much electricity is consumed in charging the battery of the electric vehicle?

To fully charge a 1200 W battery from 0 to 100%, it consumes 1.2 units of electricity, which costs around 7-8 Rs.

Can I increase the range of my EV?

Just Electric offers customized speed and range options to all the customers. Our team understands the needs of the customer and based on that suggest the battery specifications. By increasing the battery power, the range of the EV can be increased. A 1200 W battery is sufficient for 40-50 Kms. 2000 W battery is suitable for 80-90 Kms.

Can I fit this kit by myself?

It is recommended to get the kit fitted by Just Electric or authorized Just Electric technicians. However, if you have basic electrical and mechanical knowledge of the vehicles, you can fit the kit yourself too.

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